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[Job opportunities]
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Job Opportunities

Korea Biomedical Review is looking for English writers, translators, and copyeditors.

This company, founded in February 2017, is Korea’s first and only English-language media outlet specializing in the healthcare industry with the focus on biotechnological, medical, pharmaceutical and hospital issues.

We are an online news site and a sister organization of The Korean Weekly, one of the nation’s most influential newspapers focusing on medical and pharmaceutical industries since its foundation in 1992.

Applicants should submit a resume and cover letter (in Korean or English) via email.

○ It’s a full-time job, but part-time work may also be possible.

○ A work visa is necessary for foreign residents.

○ Korean proficiency is welcome.

○ Our office is in the Hongdae area, Mapo-gu, Seoul.

○ Company homepage: www.docdocdoc.co.kr

○ Email for submission: editor@docdocdoc.co.kr

The application deadline is Sept. 20.

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